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Season of the splicer

Welcome Guardian! It's the season of the Splicer and we are ready to help Mitrax protect his Eliksni brethren. No matter if you are a seasoned guardian or just firstly resurrected we are here to help you out and get the most out this new season!


The facts

  • Season of the Splicer started the 11th of May and wil run up untill the 24th in August. 
  • The new Power level cap is 1320, with the hard cap being 1310.


As with every season, the season of the Splicer introduces a couple of new weapons, be ready Guardian, it's a lot.

  Name RPM Type Damage
Seasonal Chroma Rush 720 Auto Rifle Kinetic
Seasonal Farewell 360 Sidearm Kinetic
Seasonal Gridskipper 540 Pulse Rifle Void
Seasonal Ignition Code Rico Grenade Grenade launcher Kinetic
Season Pass Cryosthesia 77k 260 Sidearm Stasis
Season Pass Shattered Cipher 900 Machine Gun Void
Season Pass Sojourner's Tale 65 Shotgun Solar
Iron Banner Archon's Thunder 360 Machine Gun Solar
Iron Banner Finite Impactor 140 Hand Cannon Arc
Iron Banner Occluded Finality 72 Sniper Rifle Arc
Iron Banner Riiswalker 80 Shotgun Kinetic


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