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Dr Strange: Strange tales in the olden days

Dr Strange his story starts in the Strange Tales comics from 1963. Recently we had a look at his origin in the Strange Tales comics and his route to understanding his powers. We now continue our journey with Dr Strange in the Strange Tales series to have a look at the person he is and his biggest adversaries

Dr Strange; a time capsule

Since the Strange Tales comics with Dr Strange are from 1963 we get a glimps of storytelling in those years. The difference with current day comics is astounding. Every frame contains a form of exposition. Every thought and reasoning is written down and leaves no room for the imaginary. On the one hand you are unable to make any faulty assumptions on the other hand is it impossible to let your imagination run free. Due to this way of writing I had a grin on my face more than ones. The story telling feels so simple yet they still managed to write a compelling story about Dr Strange and his adversaries such as Mordo and Nightmare. It gives a lot of insight to how stories were told in the early days and how much you needed to explain when introducing a new character.

Dr Strange - Baron Mordo


Baron Karl Amadeus Mordo (known as Baron Mordo) first appeared in Strange Tales #111. Baron Mordo is a gifted magician, especially adept in the black arts of magic, including summoning demons. Karl Mordo studied the magic arts under the Ancient One in Tibet when Dr. Stephen Strange came to study there. Strange foiled Baron Mordo's plot to kill the Ancient One, leading to Baron Mordo being cast out and Dr. Strange eventually becoming "Sorcerer Supreme".

The evil Mordo became an open enemy of Doctor Strange. He sent his astral form to hypnotize the Ancient's servant to poison his food, hoping that the old man would reveal his secrets of magic. Strange, however, tempted him to return to his physical body after having astral contact with him, breaking his grip on the servant who helped restore the Elder. Disguised as Sir Clive Bentley, Mordo held Doctor Strange with a dried candle that paralyzed him, but Strange could use his mental powers to call a local girl to free him. He was against Doctor Strange's discipleship against the Ancient One. He set a series of new traps for Strange in an attempt to unravel magical secrets from the Ancient One. Mordo took Strange's body while Strange projected astral to a threat he felt Mordo had caused, and threw a barrier around it knowing that if his astral shape were out for 24 hours, he would die. Strange found it in a wax museum, but was unable to enter it. However, Strange took control of a wax model in the last minute, which distracted Mordo and allowed him to return to his body. He captured the Ancient One, but was defeated again.


Dr Strange - NightmareNightmare is a fictional supervillain who appeared in American comics published by Marvel Comics. It first appeared in Strange Tales # 110 and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The character is usually described as one of the main enemies of Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider. Nightmare is the leader of a dream dimension and he is one of the lords of fear. It also has the ability to draw the power of psychic energies from the subconscious mind of dream beings.
He is the evil leader of a "dream dimension" where tormented people are brought to sleep. He travels this kingdom on his demonic black horned horse called Dreamstalker. He appears as a chalk-white man with wild green hair, a green bodysuit and a ragged cape. He was the first enemy Doctor Strange encountered when a man with troubled dreams went to Strange for help, although it is revealed that this was due to his murder. . Nightmare later fixes several people in his dimension, but Strange frees them. When Doctor Strange forgot to recite a spell before going to sleep, Nightmare started tormenting him, before Strange was released after cheating Nightmare by casting an illusion on one of Nightmare's enemies.

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